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the second to last samurai
i made this for Amanda and i last night (she was very dissapointed at how misleading the name was). veggie friendly!

Potato Pot Pie

1 can Campbells Cream of Potato Soup
1 can Boiled Whole Mini Potatos
1/2 can Sweet Corn
1/4 cup Milk
1 tbsp Honey
1 package Crescent Rolls
dash paprika
dash dried basil leaves
salt & pepper to taste

- Combine soup, milk, chopped potatoes, sweet corn, honey, and spices
- Place in 9 inch pie pan
- Unroll crescent rolls and place on top of mixture
- baked at 375 for 12-15 minutes or until top is browned

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after this weekend it will be smooth sailing...

i have to finish up a couple of graphics projects, editing Dublin Up, and finishing the Tom Collins the movie script.

tuesday im leaving for Arizona with Mac & friend to catch the Cubs spring training (something i've always wanted to do; 3 or 4 games) and St. Paddys Day at Arizona State. i'll be back the following monday leaving the whole rest of spring break to enjoy.

april 1st Amanda and i are going to see Jon Stewart, which was my 1 year anniversary present to her. Sin City is also released that day so I will be in the theatres that afternoon. i am a lucky boy that i have mondays and fridays off next term. then a week later Fever Pitch is in threates.

Fever Pitch is one of my favorite books. it's by Nick Hornby who seemingly writes about a british version of my life (or any other 20-something romantic fanatic). the book is about a man having to expose his obcession (Arsenal, a soccer team) with women. it's a great look into a sports fans mind that very few of us can ever hope to explain audibly. let alone to someone with a vagina.

now its turned into a romantic comedy with jimmy fallon and drew barrymore involving the Boston Red Sox. now, i love romantic comedies. i admire the boston red sox. i like jimmy fallon and drew barrymore. im very excited about the movie.

the book was actually tuned into a film in 1997 with Colin Firth but it is very very british but very good. i don't think that Fever Pitch (2005), which doesn't have quite the same ring as "ptich" is a soccer term, will have the same impact that the book or older film will. i think the book should be given out by sports guys (not men) to gals early in a relationship to begin to prepare them.

baseball season starts and i have at least 13 games to go to this season. i will be graduating halfway through that.

seasons. im sick to death of hearing about bloody seasons. we live our lives in YEARS.

im really hoping for the UIC job. its unbelieveable for someone like me. 30k a year, an apartment, full benefits, and free tuition. and i will get to work with students creating tv shows. as fun as it would be to work under Tom Collins (wink) i think i might have to accept this over the OFCCP job if i was offered the position.
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i received an Equal Employment Opportunity Information Request form from UIC today. im taking that as a good sign because if they didn't want to persue my candidacy, they would have just sent my 51% Asian ass a rejection letter.
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ope was good stuff. UIC and IMSA are my focal points and the only schools i actually interviewed with.

UIC's position is Resident Director for Cable TV. great position for me where I would be running the campus television channel and helping to produce student content for the channel. great salary and benefits. this one is a bit of a long shot, but i think i possess a unique enough background which helps my odds a bit.

IMSA's is a resident counselor where i will work with gifted high school students. it'll be full time and is kind of a bridge between an RA and a director position. a lot more counseling than a regular RA role. the draw of me being able to help coach the baseball and/or soccer teams tips the scales a bit.

leaving on tuesday for AZ with Mac to catch some of the Cubs spring training.

i'll be at

3/17 Cubs vs A's
3/18 Cubs vs White Sox
3/19 Cubs vs Brewers

i feel grown up.

my suits kicked ASS.
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off to oshkosh to get a jyeeeb.
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Ticket Day

So far the following have been obtained...

04.04 White Sox vs Cleveland Indians @ The Cell (Opening Day!)
04.30 White Sox vs Detroit Tigers @ The Cell
05.10 Cubs vs New York Mets @ Wrigley
05.12 White Sox vs Baltimore Orioles @ The Cell
06.17 White Sox vs Los Angeles Dodgers @ The Cell
06.26 Cubs vs White Sox @ The Cell
07.21 White Sox vs Boston Red Sox @ The Cell
07.24 White Sox vs Boston Red Sox @ The Cell
08.08 Cubs vs Cincinnati Reds @ Wrigley
08.19 White Sox vs New York Yankees @ The Cell
09.22 White Sox vs Minnesota Twins @ The Cell
09.24 Cubs vs Houston Astros @ Wrigley
09.28 Cubs vs Pittburgh Pirates @ Wrigley (Last Home Game!)

Im glad my dad okay'd the buying of the White Sox tickets because I bought them before he game me permission to use the family credit card. There's gonna be a lot of bonding going on there. Still in the virtual waiting room for more Cubs tickets. ::crosses fingers:: Im already up 6 games from last season.

Edit: more tickets! Up 9 games from last season.

i feel (real real) good.
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i guess.
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Dakota Fanning turned 11 today.

7 more years, Tom Collins. 7 more.
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i have the pink eye!!1!1!1!1
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ive been eating a lot of rice lately.

oh yea, thats right. im asian. nevermind.
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