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the second to last samurai
i haven't posted in a while.

i got a job. we do a bit of karaoke now. i cant wait to mod my psp.
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i am partied the fuck out.

6.19.05 - Sunday - Father's Day // Draz's Graduation Party or Polish Beer Appreciation Afternoon // White Sox vs Dodgers

6.20.05 - Monday - 8am shoot // Edited 35 pages of Grooms Gone Wild

6.21.05 - Tuesday - 8am shoot // Margaritas with the LP crew

6.22.05 - Wednesday - 10am shoot

6.23.05 - Thursday - 10am shoot // 80's shopping and mexican food

6.24.05 - Friday - Allison Blonde's 80's Party. GET THE FUCK OUT OF HER HOUSE.

6.25.05 - Saturday - 7am shoot // Carri's 21st BDay // Smut & Eggs (and Blue Moons) at Twisted Spoke

6.26.05 - Sunday - 7am shoot // Cubs vs White Sox // Funeral, burritos, and Seth Green with Amanda

6.27.05 - Monday - 9am shoot // Project Bluelight wrap party. TOO much flippy cup. Wake up sleeping on concrete steps.

6.28.05 - Tuesday - 10am set breakdown // Project Bluelight wrap party #2 // Allison Blonde's Gathering. Trick Tom into walking in on Grace's wild monkey sex.
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1 Week
- Finish 1st draft of Athlete
- Finish spring quarter work
- Eat at all my favorite local restaurants before I move out (Allendes, Brankos, Clarkes, Nookies, Demon Dog, Wokki, Bacci)
- Move back home temporarily*

1 Month
- Start bar tending school
- Finish William's Left Ear shooting
- Finish 1st draft of Dublin Up and Tom Collins. 2nd draft of Carri's Grooms Gone Wild

2 Months
- Finish sound design on Last Call
- Stop going to college

3 Months
- Regular bar tending gig or get a "job"
- Move into my own apartment/condo

6 Months
- Publish 2006 Pro Wrestling Yearbook

9 Months
- Visit Thailand & stop in Japan for Baseball World Cup's Asian bracket
- Wrestlemania in Chicago

1 Year
- Screenplay competition season: 3 scripts ready to submit
- Have Black vs Blue picked up by a paper

2 Years
- Sell a script

5+ Years
- Visit South Africa for the Soccer World Cup
- Become a Cubs season ticket holder
- Open up a soccer pub with Tom
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tomorrow i am getting paid $65 for 8 hours (with the possibility of overtime) for being an extra in the new Will Ferrall movie, Stranger Than Fiction, which is being shot in Chicago.

today i picked up an iPod Shuffle to induce jogging. as many may not know, other than on the video game front, i am not up to speed with geeky gadgetry. i prefer to spend my not-so-hard earned money on dvds or Chorizo Tortas from Allendes. to show how bad i am, my parents cell phone is more advanced than my own. this iPod Shuffle is the first step in, hopefully, the reawakening of my geeky side.
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i crave Cuban Coffee.
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It takes a glass of wine to get me to sleep now-a-days. Or about 6 healthy seconds of chugging from the bottle. I rarely have clean glasses so around 11 in the evening you can usually watch this classy ritual through my kitchen window.

Sutter Homes. White Zinfandel. $4.99 of pure class.

I don't have any proper glasses so it's usually out of a mug which I don't use for coffee in the morning. In the morning I'm usually drinking whatever is left over that i poured the evening prior. For the past month it was Cherry Limeade because it was on sale for $0.99. At one point I had 7 and a half gallons in my fridge. I was nearly complete.

My fridge still had 2 40's from New Years. I almost busted out the Steel Reserve for last Friday's party when I realized that something was floating in it. I'm now saving it until I can find someone drunk enough to drink it.

I used to have a can of Gargoyles Sphagetti-O's in my parents cabinet from 1995. When it was approaching the half decade mark my mother disposed of it. Fucking Millennium Cupboard Cleaning Party. Little did she know this could have been used as a prop in a VH1 Show. Additionally, I was disappointed as I was looking forward to test the limits of the human digestive system. Extreme eating. Colon Time Machine.

Tastes like Oklahoma City Bombing.
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last weekend when I was doing soe yardwork for my mom my dad brough me out a rolling rock when I was taking a break. we stood there drinking the beers and discussing the fence that stood before us. we talked about a fence. at that moment I was sucked in the world of King of the Hill and Rolling Rock never tasted so sweet.

then my dad told me I wouldn't be allowed into heaven because of my tattoos.
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i haven't el-jayed in about a month. had a good weekend. Thursday night Amanda and I went to the 12:01 showing of Sin City after some delicious Allendes. Thanks to Fandago we actually had tickets. I think that's exciting. Great flick and made me want to run home to write.

Friday Amanda and I went to see Jon Stewart at the Rosemont Theatre (it was my 1 year anniversary gift) after we hit up the Japanese Mall and this great little restraunt. I don't know if you've heard of it, but they've got great food at a pretty good price. I think it's called Dennys or something. Im tellin ya, its a diamond in the rough, people. That short Jewish guy was HI-larious. And short.

Saturday was spent getting my 4th tattoo, the Chicago Cubs target logo (the one on their home jerseys). I also investigated the belmont stop Chipotle and their hard shell tacos. Verdict: Chicago Tattooing Co. takes too long, the Chipotle is very intimate, and the chunchiness of the hardshell tacos assault the roof of your mouth. I also cleaned my room. Amanda and I made our famous Calzones which we watched SNL and then realized an hour was MISSING!

Sunday I took Amanda and Brian to Trader Joes and we decided not to buy anything heavy enough to warrent driving a car there. I then headed home for some jean shopping. That was thrilling for all involved (me). I then watched Wrestlemania with my fahdduh. It was real good and so were the nachos.

Monday, which is today, Tom Collins and I went to the White Sox home opener at The Cell. We met up with Jabby and some old high school folk in which to tailgate with. Played Baggo and suckoed. Im back at DePaul, on duty, and just popped Iced Tea Chicken (my newest funky recipe) into the oven. Lets see how that turns out...

And I need to finish my Spring Break post real soon.
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its empowering and i feel manly when i enter a hardware store (hardware store. no, not home depot) and in my thickest Chicago accent ask for 3/4 inch black rubber hosing.

but when you undo the gap scarf that your mom got you, it negates all of that. fully.
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